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     germulligan says:



    I have 11 rads in my house controlled by lw922 radiator valves.
    On one particular radiator I’ve had the same issue on 2 occasions. The valve appears to get stuck open.
    First time it happened I replaced the valve. Now it’s happened again so I’ve got the screwdrivers out.

    I’ve cleaned and lubricated the gear assembly but the valve stops once fully open and doesn’t attempt to close again even at calibration.

    On the Innermost gear in the valve there are 3 metal discs embedded. These appear to make contact with a contact underneath and have something to do with the start/stop mechanism of the valve. My best guess at the moment is that this mechanism is causing my problem.

    Has anyone taken one of these apart before and can anyone shed a light on my issue?
    Thanks .

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