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     TheCaptain says:


    I’m trying to wire in the LW920 boiler switch and use a LW934 switch to control my hot water on what is a Y Plan system. After eventually unjumbling the mess of wires that greeted me, and transferred it over to a nice neat wiring centre I’m a bit stuck as to how to replace the Programmer (a failry old timer manual timer) and thermostat with the two new switches. I’ve attached a diagram of the wiring centre, and the new available connections.

    Without removing the original timer, the boiler switch seems fairly self explainatory – I’m assuming the Live feed (D) would be straight from the mains (ie box 11 on the Wiring Centre), COM (F) would match up to the original live feed to the themostat (3) and NO (E) would go to the Switched live from the thermostat (2). However removing the timer would I just join the L->COM to make it work?

    I’m drawing a bit of a blank on the Hot Water though – I’m assuming the Live Feed (A) can come from the mains, but where should I connect B and C?

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     mrashton says:


    I too would like to add the LW934 to control the hot water in a Y plan heating set up. LightwaveRF, we’d appreciate some guidance wiring this into the standard Y plan wiring centre please. (Or anyone else who’s managed to get this to work).

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