Why am I not surprised? Web App not feature complete, and no current plans

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     TheAndyMac says:


    I am now getting even more disappointed (if that were possible) with LightwaveRF. I have been having discussions with both the support team and the Twitter channel about the lack of two critical capabilities in the Web App: random timers and the ability (in events) to switch on a device to its last dim state. The latest response from the support team to the question “When will the Web App be be feature complete?” was:

    The current web app might have more features added to it in near future but we are currently working on releasing a newly designed web app for the new link plus.

    followed by “Also we are not forcing any of our customers or buy an Android or iOS devices” to my comment that the lack of a fully featured Web App effectively does force customers to own or buy an Android or iOS device.

    I am still trying to understand how they don’t actually see that there is a problem with how they are marketing the system and the reality of how users can actually programme it fully. The Lightwave website states (for example):

    You’ll need the following things to get started: The App: Our free smartphone and tablet app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play. You can also use our Web App on a PC or tablet by logging into the Lightwave website at any time. The Lightwave app provides control for up to 80 heating and monitoring devices, as well as up to 256 other Lightwave lighting and power modules. Basic app features include grouping, scene lighting, energy monitoring, heating scheduling, temperature reporting, scheduled events and socket or dimmer locking.

    which, to me, says very clearly that the Web App does everything the Android/iOS apps do…. I have crawled over their website and marketing material and have yet to find any mention of a requirement to have an Android/iOS device to be able to fully user the system.

    I think the response to the question says it all – it’s obviously more important to them to get the Gen2 devices on the market and supported than it is to actually support their existing customer base who has invested (in many cases, quite a lot of money) in their products, and who might even consider investing in more of them/upgrades to Gen2 if the support was better!

    Am I being dumb, or just naïve thinking that a UK tech company might actually want to keep their customers happy by supporting them irrespective of their choice of technology? Compare this with Tado, who I have installed for our central heating (and which is absolutely brilliant) who have a Web App that is completely consistent with their Apps, and they provide the App for iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android and for Windows Phone/Windows 10 UWP!

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