When will the Gen1 Web Manager App be fully featured?

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     TheAndyMac says:


    Rather than spending time developing all sorts of new things and features, when will LightwaveRF actually look after those of us who bought into their system in Gen1 when they actively supported a multi-device world, and not just and Android/iOS duopoly of devices?

    As a household, we don’t have Android or iOS devices, just Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile devices. As LightwaveRF decided to completely stop any proper support for Windows (even as a UWP for those Windows 10 users out there – all 700million of us) the only option left is to use the Web App. We bought into LightwaveRF when they showed commitment to the Windows ecosystem, with Windows Mobile and Windows 8/Windows 10 support and have spent probably thousands of pounds on a refit based on that.

    The Web App is still not full featured for Gen1 devices (don’t know about Gen2 as, frankly, not going to spend ANY more money with LightWaveRF while they treat existing users the way they do)… we cannot make ANY changes to Events as the random delays feature that we use heavily for our lighting timers (for security) are simply not supported in the Web Manager – in fact, worse that that, using the Web Manager to make other changes to an Event will LOSE the random settings and often resequence delay events!

    I have escalated multiple times with support, and via the CEO on Twitter, but another 6 months on from the last escalation, there is STILL no feature parity for the Web Manager.

    Therefore, for anyone thinking about LightWaveRF as a serious investment that will be supported in the long term, the evidence given by the way they completely ignore those users who don’t want Android or iOS devices, for whatever reason, is that they will get your money and then ignore you is your platform becomes a smaller part of their sales strategy….. DON’T ASSUME THEY WILL CONTINUE TO SUPPORT YOUR DEVICE GOING FORWARDS!

    Until and unless they actually start to improve the Web Manager App and guarantee that it stays feature complete compared with the Android and iOS apps, I will not be buying any more devices, upgrading to Gen2, or recommending these to friends/family – in fact I will be actively making sure that they understand the risk they are taking on by buying into this platform.

    So, from a reasonably happy customer (and an experienced and therefore trusted technical person) prepared to highly recommend the platform to friends/family a few years back to a completely disappointed and disengaged customer unwilling to spend any more and certainly not willing to recommend the platform to anyone – well done LightwaveRF, you really know how to make sure you keep your customers happy (NOT!).

     h3mp says:


    Gen2 is still awaiting a web app!
    I do agree that there should be a full featured web app (or desktop alternates), seems silly to completely ignore the PC market…

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