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     Carlbassett says:


    Been trying to resolve an issue with my LightwaveRF. I have had the gateway and light switches for a few years. I can control from my ipad but not any others. If I install the lightwavRF app on another ipad or phone, i can retrieve settings from the web server but nothing works. I also note that the downloaded settings appear to be an old view of my devices. I also note that when trying to control via the web app nothing works. The only device that does have any control is my old ipad. If I change the rooms on the ipad, and ‘save settings to web server’, what i see on the web app does not change and still has all my old devices on it. I have recently bought an amazon echo dot and linked it to my lightwaveRF account and it discovered my lightwaveRF devices but again nothing works. I am at a bit of a loss really.

    any ideas very welcome.

     h3mp says:


    are you running the latest app (V3.2.8) on everything?
    when you installed the app on a new ipad, did you authorise the new device using the button on the link when requested?

     barneyd says:


    My advice would be to be happy that your iPad app works. I would definitely not install the new version unless you want to completely loose all control.

    The new app randomly connects and disconnects from the wifi link so you can’t rely on it to control devices. I’ve tried to reactivate some old timers by giving them new start dates but although they show active in the web app, they don’t work. Out of desperation yesterday, I reset the wifi link and now I have no timers at all even though they are present in the web app and iPhone app.

    Basically the newer version of the apps don’t work at all and have rendered my system next to useless.

     h3mp says:


    i’ve got latest Gen1 app on multiple iOS devices, all working well, no issues..
    if timers are in app but not working on the link, use the option in the app to re-save all events/timers..

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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