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     Avel says:


    Hi all

    I was convinced I’d find the answer to this one through sufficient googling and go “Oh, how obvious!”, but… not yet so thought I’d try asking.

    I am not very technically minded. An electrician doing some other work installed a 1-way, 2-gang dimmer switch for me which works manually using the buttons. Today I attached a Link and activated it / created an account in the app, this seemed to go OK.

    I now cannot work out how to pair the dimmer with the Link / the app. I hold on/off down til the lights alternate, but cannot see what to then select in the app to create the pairing.

    Am I being really stupid? If so, take pity on me?

    Edit: I was being stupid (or the app does not have good instructions/intuitive layout, YMMV) – found the right buttons and got it working now.


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