Urgent please, No Heating, need heat for Puppy, LW Boiler Switch

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     djpleasure says:


    A bit urgent this one, currently cannot get heating to work with LW Boiler switch

    If I am honest I am a wiring diagram dunce.

    Ok, to save trying to connect mains via boiler terminals, I wired the Boiler switch L|N|E via 13a Plug, powers up fine. My issue is how to connect the other wire(s)

    I have attached images via Google drive.

    Initially there was a grey wire connected on boiler terminal 4 and there was no jump/bridge wire connected. I tried running wire from that terminal to terminal 6 (Com) on the boiler switch, this did not work. In laymans terms can someone advise what wires go where other than the L|N|E

    Thanks in advance


     Jules says:


    From the boiler installation instructions: “The point of connection to the mains supply must allow complete electrical isolation of the boiler and its ancillary controls.” You are not meeting this requirement as you are providing a separate mains supply to the LightwaveRF switch. You should power it from the boiler terminal strip as per the LightwaveRF instruction leaflet.

    The boiler installation instructions show that the room thermostat is 230V, so I would follow the diagram in the LightwaveRF instructions under the heading ‘Wiring 230V thermostat contacts’. Disconnect your existing room thermostat from terminals 3 & 4 on the boiler and on the LightwaveRF switch put a jumper wire from the 2nd L terminal across to the Com terminal, then connect Com to terminal 3 on the boiler and NO to terminal 4 on the boiler.

    I think that should work but please note that I am not a qualified electrician or boiler installer. If you are in any doubt you should consult a professional.

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       djpleasure says:


      Ok done as above, but now boiler throws up fault F20

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