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     Davegeo says:


    HI all,
    I have the following for sale – all unused due to the fact that I discovered that the mass of wires behind my existing switches was going to leave no room whatsoever for the Lightwave switches and I am in no mood to have the wall ripped open to cater for a bigger box or rewiring!
    I’m open to offers, but please note that as they are unused and still in the packaging (except for the Link where I jumped the gun and binned the packaging before trying to get it all working) I’d like to get near-new prices for them.

    1 x 2-Way Lightwave Link JSJSLW930 (JSJSLW930) (paid £65)
    1 x 1 Gang Dimmer 250W (Master) – White (JSJSLW400WH) (paid £35)
    2 x 2 Gang Dimmer Switch 2 Gang (JSJSLW420 WH) (paid £45 each)

    – Dave

     Colin says:


    Just before you sell…
    I had the same problem with lack of space behind the old switches, and as I had just redecorated there was no way i was going to smash out and replace the boxes.
    Instead, I bought some white plastic boxes from B & Q – the kind that electricians use for fuses (you can tell I am no electrician). I cut the backs out, and used them as “Spacers” behind the switches.
    Okay, the switches now stick out a bit. Been working for two years now like this, no probs.
    hope this may help….

     markk says:


    No need to make them you can buy them ready made. There’s a thread on this here: http://lightwaverfcommunity.org.uk/forums/topic/dimmer-spacer-plates/

    Running RFXCom with Domoticz on model b raspberry pi. LWRF dimmer switches, PIRs and plug sockets. Some Homeeasy switches, harmony hub controlling AV and air con. Geofencing with Pilot app. Tado for heating.
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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