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     Steve.gibbs5 says:



    So I have installed LWRF dimmer switches in several rooms of my house and all are working well either with the app, and with Amazon Alexa. The one thing I cannot seem to do is, as the title suggests, is to dim the lights using Alexa. When a light is on, I have tried commands such as…

    “Set bedroom light to 50″
    “Set bedroom light to 50%”
    “Dim bedroom light to 50″

    but the response I get fro Alexa is “That command does not work on device-bedroom light”.

    I have heard that I should be able to dim the lights this way, so any ideas what I am missing?

    Also, how can I dim the lights using the LWRF app? The only control I see in “On” and “Off”.

    Many thanks.

     nevetsecirp says:


    It sounds like you have set your device up in the app as a on/off device rather than a dimmer.
    You don’t mention which App you are using but each is different, when you initially pair your device you should be able to set the type of device

    LWRF light switches in several rooms, WIFI Link, Energy Monitor, Socket x3 and multiple On/Off adapters. PIR controlling lights and doorbell utilising light feature. TRV's for heating. Relays for garden and outside lamps Linked with Amazon Alexa via a dot
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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