UDP commands for lights

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     Ukterry01 says:


    Hello All

    I am using a Harmony elite remote to turn lights on/off and dim, I use the ha bridge as the virtual hue bridge.

    I am quite new to this, but I do have a small setup with just 2 devices for starters.

    I use [{"item":"udp://,\"!R1FmP1\"","type":"udpDevice","contentType":"application/json","delay":"0"}] for recalling a mood and it works to turn both devices on at the same time to the mood settings
    and to turn them off [{"item":"udp://,\"!R1Fa\"","type":"udpDevice","contentType":"application/json"}] and this also works.

    What I am struggling with is to dim both lights at the same time.
    my config in ha bridge is


    If i dont have the 750ms delay then only one device dims, with the delay it is quite noticable, so I was thinking if it is possible to turn both on at the same time surely it is possible to dim them at the same time.

    Any help appreciated.

     btidey says:


    See response to same question in hacking forum.

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