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     mark harding says:

    mark harding

    Does any one know if there is a how to for setting up the apps.

    i’m struggling to be honest with working it all out. i have switches in 4 bedrooms. a double gang in the lounge and then a single in the play room

    I’ve added them into the web app but nothing is in the android app. i do an update but nothing still one that i did randomly testing. then i went into the ipad app tonight tried to add them in and again did update form server but nothing. so i tried to pair with one of the lounge sockets with the ipad app and now it turns on the playroom and the lounge!!!!!

    i’m just totally confused to say the least :(

     btidey says:


    Sounds like you may want to consider clearing everything out and starting again. With a smallish number of devices this might be the best way to proceed.

    1) Clear pairing out from all the devices following the instructions for each device.

    2) Make sure you have your account set up at and your link device is set up and visible to it.

    3) Make sure your tablet is registered with the link. The app guides you through this if not already done.

    3) Log into Lightwave app on tablet. Clear out all rooms devices. This updates the web site.

    4) Now add in the rooms and devices you want.

    5) Now pair the devices one by one again.

    If you are confident that your app and link is set up OK then you could try just doing just step 1 and 5

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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