TRVs not working to he schedule

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     JonJWhite says:


    I have a Gen1 Link and TRVs with a main thermostat and boiler switch. The TRVs are set as child’s to the thermostat in Call for Heat and the thermostat is linked to the boiler switch.

    Most of the time everything works fine, except for the TRVs getting too hot next the radiators.

    However every so often, like the last week when the external temperature drops and I need to adjust the heating schedules – because the TRVs trip out early as they get too hot next to the radiators. But now the TRVs seem to have a mind of their own coming on without a decernable reason and the app donesnt update what is happening.

    Is anyone else having issues or have any ideas how to sort it?

    I think for some of the rooms I’m going to have to buy a main thermostat to link to the TRV to act as a remote thermometer.

    Many thanks for any help/ideas.


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