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     e-gray1975 says:


    For over 2 vears I have controlled my heating with the LW920 boiler switch paired with a LW921 thermostat which has been absolutely perfect.

    I have recently purchased 8 x Lw922 trvs, fitted them all to the radiator, paired them to the app, created a call for heat, parent & child set up went ok.

    problem is that the controls are not firing the boiler.

    The thermostat is communicating with the switch which I have tested via the app but the trvs just simply don’t turn on the stat,

    Any help would be appreciated

     crivvens says:


    I have 10x LW922 TRVs, Thermostat, boiler switch, and Link 1 which I control via the web page ( have given up on phone apps for simplicity)
    7 of the TRV are set up to call for heat and all is working well at the moment.
    Stop touching the thermostat configuration.
    Delete the call for heat configuration add the call for heat configuration.
    The thermostat should switch between 40C and 0C depending on the call for heat does the web page show that?

    In my setup if the thermostat web shows on/off the boiler always follows.
    Initially i had the thermostat located next to the boulde switch next to the boiler wiring.

    However i had severe issues with call for heat not working as expected – all tvr had to be off for the boiler to switch off and if one tvr on was “missed” additional trv on would not be actioned (as system thought boiler should be on after the first request and ignord further requests until all off)
    I resolved this by moving the thermostat close to the link 1

    I log the broad/multicasts UDP packets from the link 1 which detail the temperature /output of the trvs.

    Initially i had only 3 trvs which i used upstairs to stop heating empty bedrooms – this worked fine so went the whole hog which has taken ages to settle.

    Hope this helps

    Lightwave Link (930) + 10x TRV (922) + Thermostat + Boiler Switch- London, UK
     e-gray1975 says:



    Cheers crivvens

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