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     DiavelDes says:


    I have had TRV’s for a few months and mostly happy.
    Yesterday I turned our hall trv down to 3 degrees overnight ready for getting a wall plastered. In the morning there was still some heat coming from the radiator. I swapped the trv back to the original and this seems to be working correctly and closing the valve completely. Is this a known issue as I was about to get some on the current offer but now I’m not so keen.

     ikledude says:


    Very similar issue TRV reporting to be off or 0 position, with the room getting warmer and warmer.

    I’m in a late 90’s house built with Myson valves & Myson TRV’s running on micro bore pipes (I don’t know if these make a difference in the amount of travel on the valve pin has) the push pin moves about 4mm at most from fully open to closed.

    The TRV’s fit directly however I think it’s possibly at the maximum extension of the lightwave TRV plunger in the device. I just hope it’s it not exceeding its maximum pressure to push down the valve pin! – I’ll report back if that’s the case.

    Firstly I modified one if the plungers ended up with a thin piece of plastic that was troublesome.

    It was an easy fix in the end and cost 2p (2x 1p’s in fact) the diameter of the penny perfectly fits within the plunger zone so wouldn’t twist away or slip out of alignment. The hardest bit was ballancing them on the valve pin whist reattaching them to the radiator as I didn’t want to attach them in any way (just a packer).
    Remove the battery a couple of times to reset the plunger pin back up in to the device (this will also aid to removing the device as it releases the tension before removing from the radiator) and again after re-attaching to the radiator to allow it run the calibration two cycle.

    Another positive side affect of this the TRV plunger in the device moves less, so less noise-time/battery usage.

    This may not work for you but has for us so far

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