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     nimdy says:


    I have touch lamps either side of the bed. The ones where you press the metal base and the light comes on, two more presses and the light gets brighter then the at press turns it off.

    I would like to get dimmer socket adaptors (if my local B&B has some working ones in their bargain bin). At the moment lightwave won’t work with the lamps. I can remotely switch them off if they are on, but cant turn them on again as they need touch. Is there any hack I can do to either turn my touch lamps into normal lamps, or get the Lwrf adapter to work with them?


     mmcnamee says:


    Not without rewiring them, I’d go with the standard sockets/adapters that works fine.

     Chris says:

    Key Master

    Yes, you would need to butcher the insides to remove the touch dimming function. I had one years ago that died on me so I did this and fitted an inline switch, fixed the lamp, but this was before the days of LWRF. Don’t forget you would need to provide some means of switching it on and off though so you’d probably want a Wireless On/Off switch too.

    Chris Mills Founder and Editor - LightwaveRF Community
     Father Mojapelo says:

    Father Mojapelo

    A RF controlled hand by the side of the bed is not such a bad idea ;-)

     nimdy says:


    I suppose it seems a daft request asking about this. The reason is I tend to fall asleep instantly and the wife has to walk around the bed to turn off my light. If I can get them LWRF’d she could turn mine off using her phone or the remote control. If I butcher the lights (or possibly buy some normal bedside lamps) we’ll be able to dim to the desired brightness too.

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