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     AlexS says:


    It seems that the latest software update of the app has introduced a bug preventing the timers from working correctly for some people – we apologise for this we are looking into it and will be issuing a fix asap.


     Tissy says:



    I started purchaing your products in June / July of this year and was one of the first to take receipt of 2 WiFi links.

    I am sorely dissappointed in one aspect of the system, the ability to use timers.

    For me, this was a key feature along with having an iPhone app to control all the nodes and part of the reason why i chose your products over other competitors or similar technology.

    I have invested a considerable amount of time and money in the various nodes, including having to replace my entire kitchen downlights to LED in order that they are compatible with your technology. For example, it cost me £130 for a £30 light switch to work, so i’m certainly commited to your products.

    I posted an issue with the timers in August (viewtopic.php?f=6&t=162) and am still waiting for a fix, despite there being a new app released since. It took 6 weeks for this post to be acknowledged by AlexS.

    The iPhone app seems to be even worse in its operation than it ever has been. Trying to create a new timer just crashes the app totally and brings you back to the home screen. This is the same for the two iPhones I have at home (one an iPhone 4 and the other an iPhone 4S).

    As a person who has an electronics R&D background, I truly appriciate there is a development process and often teething problems on release of a new product, however I also expect these to be rectified as soon as possible when they come to light.

    Your products are now entering a main stream high street retailer and I feel you have not solved the basic and fundamental operations of the products yet.

    I would appriciate an acknowledgement of this query and hopefully a time scale for rectification of these issues before I invest anymore time & money in your products.

    As previoulsy mentioned, I am committed to your range, but would like to see them working properly without feeling I am part of an ongoing beta program. I am sure there is a good community of people here willing to help develop your products with consumer findings and where necessary iPhone crash logs etc to assist you in getting a truly market leading product.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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