Thermostat gone into test mode,can't get it out..

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     Matt serle says:

    Matt serle

    Hi guys, as the title says, I changed the batteries in my thermostat yesterday and upon putting new batterys in, it flashed up v 0_933 and has gone into test mode… something I’ve never seen before. I can go through all the tests which it completes fine ( 01 – key test, 02 – LCD test etc etc) but when I try to exit test mode it just does nothing. I’ve looked in the manual and there no mention of any test mode.
    Any help would be great fully received as it’s getting a bit cold now and I’ve now got no heating…

     Bedford says:


    Hello Matt,

    I have NOT got the answer – but, I would guess you have managed to go into “Test Mode” by pressing one, or two buttons whilst the batteries where installed. Likewise, I would guess there would be a button sequence to get out of Test Mode? Alternatively, add batteries, whilst holding in a different button.

    Suggest – go to the LightwaveRF website (email a question) , and ask them the question, you should get a e-mail reply.

    However, what is interesting is how you got into test mode, as I have the same item and firmware version. Also, I am having difficulty pairing with the Gen 2 Link Plus hub.

    Could you list the different tests, one can do on this website – it might be useful to have a topic titled “Techie Section” for different LWRF gadgets.

    i.e. Test Modes, Firmware Versions, Resets / Default, Unpairing Button Sequence etc, etc.

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