Switches getting "confused"

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     matthews says:


    I’m on the standard (not the new) generation of products, with 2 gang sockets and lightswitches connected to a WiFi link.

    Recently, a couple of the devices have latched on to the signals for other devices.

    As an example, I have a light switch and a 2 gang socket configured as 3 devices.

    When switch the light on through the web interface, just the light comes on.
    If I use the dimmer functionality to set the light to 50%, both of the 2 gang sockets come on.
    If I switch the light off through the web interface, just the light switches off.

    50% dimmer is the only value that does this. All of the others leave the sockets alone.

    Any ideas?

     nevetsecirp says:


    Usually this occurs when a signal is being sent from a device / link at the same time as you are pairing a device and so the signal being sent out gets caught at the same time as pairing, only thing that clears it is to un-pair and re-pair, don’t just delete from app, as the physical pairing stays in the device and each device can only hold so many (six I believe) pairings

    LWRF light switches in several rooms, WIFI Link, Energy Monitor, Socket x3 and multiple On/Off adapters. PIR controlling lights and doorbell utilising light feature. TRV's for heating. Relays for garden and outside lamps Linked with Amazon Alexa via a dot
     matthews says:


    Thanks for the response nevetsecirp

    I could understand the logic behind that, but the devices were all set up about 4 months ago and nothing has been added or re-paired since. This socket has only just started doing it, and then (a couple of days later) no longer does it. All very strange!

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