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     Greg66 says:


    I have a Link Plus an two L21 switches. Both are exhibiting the same behaviour.

    I set three automated actions:
    1 turn lights to 50%
    2 turn lights to 100%
    3 turn off lights.

    3 works fine. Neither of 1 nor 2 do anything.

    I briefly managed to achieve what I wanted by doing
    1 turn on lights
    2 turn lights to 100%.

    This initially set the lights to 50% at stage 1 ad then to 100% at stage 2. Then it became lights on to 100% at stage 1, and no change at stage 2.

    The core issue seems to be an inability to wake the lights from an off state to a set % by dialing a % number in as part of an automation. My guess is that when I got this to work, the “on” command operated to turn the lights to a pre-existing on level, which happened to be 50%.

    Is there a reliable way to wake the lights to a specified %?

     koper89 says:


    Try to send lights to X% and after it turn it to on.

    So revert what you done with those two stages.

     Greg66 says:


    Yes, that has worked (Tech Support) advises the same thing.

    To clarify: Step 1 is at 7.10 and Step 2 is at 7.15. The idea is that at wake up time the lights are subdued, then at get up time they brighten to 100%.

    To make this work, one sets up two automations, both times at 7.10. One turns the lights on and one sets them to 50%. The result is that they come on to 50%. The use a third automation 5 mins later to bring them up to full power.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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