Smart Series API how to get access token ?

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     arikadiusz says:



    So I am trying to get my head around this. Do I understand correctly that to do anything with this API I need to first authenticate aka get access token ?
    If so how do I fill this example from their website to return access token ?

    + header:
    authorization: “basic TOKEN”
    + body:
    grant_type: “refresh_token”,
    refresh_token: “REFRESH_TOKEN”

    I have tried replacing TOKEN, REFRESH_TOKEN, refresh_token in different combinations (very frustrating how badly this is documented…)

    this is what I am keep getting in response :

    “error”: “invalid_request”,
    “error_description”: “Missing grant type”

    I have Bearer and Refresh Token from Linkplus Client site. What next ? please advise.


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