Small Remote to Run an Event

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     Waggers says:


    Having just fitted a relay to my garage door (with grateful advice from forum members), I’m looking for something small enough to fit to my car’s dashboard to act as a remote.

    I have to send a ‘stop’ command after opening the door so an ordinary hand-held remote wont work as I have to use an event. I’m loath to use the phone app as I tend to have my phone out of site whilst in the car.

    The LightwaveRF on/off/stop switch (JSJSLW826) is, I’m guessing, too big for the dashboard.

    The only idea I’ve come up with so far is to power the relay via an on/off socket set. I can then use a hand held remote to open and close the door and then use a different button to power off and on the relay power which will, I hope, will reset the relay to the stop mode.

    Has anyone else done anything similar? I don’t want to re-invent the wheel is there’s an elegant solution already out there.


     Node Zero says:

    Node Zero

    The relay mentioned in this thread:-
    has a momentary function which would I assume negates the need for the Stop command. As they are capable of learning LWRF commands I would also assume that they can learn from any 433mhz remote.

     Jules says:


    Bit of a long shot, but, the Amazon Voice Remote might work if the Bluetooth signal is strong enough to reach an Echo or Echo Dot in the house?
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       Waggers says:


      Node Zero: Many thanks for the suggestion – I’ll keep this in mind if I ever get around to motorised curtains!

      Jules: Good idea, but it’s too far away for a Bluetooth connection.

      I might, eventually, get myself an on/off/stop switch to see if I can use it’s innards to make something.

      It’s a shame there isn’t anything like the size of an Amazon Dash button around.

      My current work around is an IFTTT Do button on my Android Wear watch which runs a LightwaveRF event (open, wait 3 seconds, stop).

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