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     davew21 says:


    This is a weird one, I have 2 standard firstgen light switches / dimmers in my lounge used with 11 watt led bulbs and they work perfectly, I have the same bulb type in my hall and landing lights with just on / off switches but wanted to upgrade to lwrf switches, wall box depth had put me off till now.

    I have a few lwrf switches and slaves that i bought years ago so replaced my normal hall double switch with a double dimmer and added a single slave to the landing, all the wiring is 100% correct, hall light works perfectly, landing light flickers on full brightness then the switch (on the landing) makes a crackle and it dies, duff switch me thinks. Quickly wired in a choc block so that only the switch in the hall can be used for the landing light, still works perfectly so I have another new slave switch, wire that in and exactly the same happens again, bulb starts to flicker and then the switch dies.

    The thing is the slave switches don’t actually switch anything, all they do is tell the master what to do and the master works perfectly well on its own, has anybody had a similar problem?

    I’ve taken both slaves apart and the same component has died in both, a small surface mount resistor has heated up and gone open circuit, I can fix it no problem, I’m an electronics engineer by trade that repairs automation and control equipment but the fault just doesn’t make sense!!


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