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     Chris_T says:


    I took advantage of the 50% off to buy a load of dimmers but am having issues with a single gang dimmer.

    I’ve got plugins and sockets all over the house which I’ve never had any issues with but this dimmer will not allow me to enter pairing mode at all.

    I get a steady amber when everything is powered and pressing the top button turn the switch on and the LED goes to blue but with no power to the light. The switch LED then goes back to amber. Holding them both down has no affect i.e. it won’t enter pairing mode.

    At first it seemed that it could have something to do with load but I’ve tried four different circuits throughout the house each with different lights/bulbs and get the same result every time. The only time it passed any power through was when wired to control an LED flood light at about 1/2 power but wouldn’t switch it (as in the floodlight was at about 1/2 power but the switch said it was off no matter what) and still wouldn’t enter pairing mode.

    Is this going to be bulb/load related? Am I missing something or is the unit faulty?


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