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     rhlangdon says:


    Sunday evening and I report in. All seems to have worked. The lights came on at 19:41 which ought to be dusk time. Mind you I would have put them on earlier normally but wanted to see what happened and if the setting worked. It has and thanks to all for their help.

     cndawes says:


    Great. Mine was approx the same time. I’m marginally north of you and have been debating whether to use Leeds or Edinburgh as the city.

    Anyway, great it now seems to work …

     rhlangdon says:


    The frustration this evening is that it was darker and we could have done with putting the lights on earlier but I was determined to wait to see if the dusk setting worked.

    Leeds is the nearer to me. It cannot be that difficult for LightwaveRF to enlarge the database of cities. Newcastle would be a nice compromise for me and I guess for you also.

     SimonCatlin says:


    We use Dusk – 30 minutes to avoid the “oh, the lights could do with coming on” moment :-)

    2 WiFi, 2 sockets, 11 light switches (7 single, 4 double), 2 mood controllers, 1 double wire free switch, 6 plug in on/off, 3 plug in dimmer, 2 PIR, 2 LED, 1 300W Inline relay, 2 signal booster, 1 Energy Monitor and 1 very patient wife. Also Heatmiser's Neo, Ring Bell, Ring Camera, Nest Protect, Canary...
     Ukterry01 says:


    I apologise if I am in the wrong area but pir / dawn to dusk is discussed
    I already have lightwaverf switches and I have an existing traditional outside light pir/ d’s will the lightwave switch work if like replacing the on off switch.


Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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