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     gusgregory says:


    I still have this problem occurring and have tried all the suggestions both in this forum and the facebook forum. I have found that when I have the problem I can turn off the wifi link and back on again and it gets the date and time from the internet but immediately goes to Server-Retrying. If I unplug it and leave it for say an hour and then plug everything back in, after getting the date and time as normal, there is a message that briefly shows on the LCD saying Server Redirecting (or it could be Redirecting Server) but then it connects to the Lightwave site and I am connected normally.

    So it appears to me that “Redirecting Server” message is the bit that is missing when it keeps failing. It is like there needs to be a drop out at the Lightwave side before it will reconnect.

    Still damn annoying.

     btidey says:


    When the link is starting up it needs to find the server in the lightwave cloud to access for polling for commands etc.

    It does this by trying to login to with a UDP request containing the mac address of the link.

    This will normally be replied with a UDP packet like


    where aa:bb:cc:dd is the IP address of another lightwave cloud computer.

    This is an instruction that the link should make further requests to this IP address contained in it. This is probably to spread the load over a number of servers.

    If you are seeing the redirecting server message and it sticks at that point then it sounds like you have either been given an unresponsive or invalid secondary IP

    I think your best course of action would be to contact support and see if they have an intermittent issue at their end with the server supposed to be covering your link.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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