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     Keith Saunders says:

    Keith Saunders

    I am planning to replace our current heating and hot water control with LightWaverf controls.

    All radiators are independently controlled, so no problem with the direct replacement, however the boiler control itself may be a problem unless you can tell me otherwise. The current controller means we can have the hot water on in the summer without the heater because it controls two electric switches next to the hot water storage tank. It is not clear to me if the same can be done with the boiler switch?

    Any comments and/or suggestion would be most helpful..

     Greg says:


    I too have this question. I have fitted out a holiday home with dimmers throughout and want to do something “smart” with the heating. Like Keith (and probably many others), my current heating controller controls the boiler to provide central heating and hot water separately to different schedules. Hive and the latest release of Nest can do this. Can LightWaveRF?

     MrSmith says:


    Keith – I have replaced my conventional heating controls with LWRF (I haven’t used the TRVs however).

    My heating setup is a Worcester Bosch condensing boiler, a Megaflow hot water cylinder and the system is configured on the Honeywell S Plan arrangement (2 x 2 port motorised valves).

    I have a boiler switch (LW920) – to control the radiators and an electric switch (LW934) to control the hot water – essentially the electric switch is just acting as a time-clock.

    I have a LW921 home thermostat linked to the boiler switch. The wiring is a bit of a mair if you are not familiar with this type of thing but once working all is great. The I have time-clock settings via the app for both switches. The overall radiator temperature control is via the home thermostat and the hot water temperature control is via the original cylinder stat.

    Works very well and I have noticed energy savings for the year I have had it in operation.

     simacsee says:


    Sounds good – I’m switching my boiler to a similar setup.

    To ask a stupid question – can I not just us an inline relay (LW830 or LW821) to control the hot water circuit?

    Am I right in thinking the only disadvantage is no manual button near the bathroom (so have to use the app to overide)?


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