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     miken says:


    What’s the etiquette on placing a private ad on the forum?
    There doesn’t seem to be a Classifieds section I can see (admittedly viewing this on my phone!)

    I could put the stuff on eBay, but here seems a more likely place to find relevant people.
    Besides, I’d rather swap than sell anyway – got a couple of dimmers in chrome that need to be white

     Chester says:


    I have no idea, but I’m also intrigued to find out what the policy is.

    Mods: I’m not offended if this thread gets deleted, but please update this thread with a link to the forum policy that contains information on used LWRF products. I can’t find anything.

     Chris says:

    Key Master

    If you want to split the profit 50/50 with me :-)

    Just kidding, I don’t think I really have a policy when it comes to classifieds other than the usual disclaimer that I’ll accept no responsibility either way if things turn sour or you electrocute yourself due to dodgy kit. If it becomes too popular, then I may review this.

    Commercial sales are a different matter as some people will tell you. The forum is kept alive by advertising and affiliate commission so I need to keep those guys happy too, but small scale stuff will be fine for now.

    Chris Mills Founder and Editor - LightwaveRF Community
     miken says:


    Thanks for the clarification.

    I will probably post a For Sale or Swap ad shortly in that case, though it’s only for two dimmers.
    No commercial interest for me other than to try and recover what otherwise will be wasted money

    It just seems this is a perfect forum for swapping/selling/buying with other like-minded folk.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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