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     geoffpreston says:


    I want to replace my LW930 Link with another LW930 Link (so this is not an upgrade to Link Plus, just a swap of a non-working Gen1 Link with a new Gen1 Link. Can I do it without losing all the settings (eg timers) and all the existing links to the switches and relays? If so, how?

     Glassdome says:


    I’d love to know this too. I’m having a bunch of problems with my lightwaverf link gen 1 at the moment. Ever since I got my iPhone 10 the app works for a few days and the link stops respsonding to the app. Ie I click a command in the app but the link does not register it.

    What I have tried so far:

    Reset the link
    Re-saved the timers
    Deleted the app and reinstalled (4 times now) – seems to work for a while then stops
    De-authorised the phone and re-connected

    Ideally I don’t want to replace the link as I understand moving from a gen 1 to 2 means starting from scratch and as some relays are in the ceiling and very hard to get at I don’t want to relearn the codes, worse I have around 40 light wave devices and starting again with all of the codes and settings, events and timers fills me with dread.

    Is there a simple way to do a like to like replacement without and easily migrating codes, commands and timers?

    Any thoughts on the problem and fix options would be massively appreciated

    Now a bit of a vent: I loved the concept of lightwaverf – heck I bought £2000 worth and even shares in the company. The potential is enormous, but they seem to stop everything short of being good. I had 8 friends who had big lightwave set ups. There are just two of us left. Rest have ditched it unfortunately. I hope it gets a better UX focus and support soon as it could be great, not just second rate.

     Antyronnen says:


    I enquired about this a couple of years ago and was told it couldn’t be done. Nevertheless it would be worth contacting LWRF support who might have come up with a better answer and they might be able to identify a problem at their end. Also the LWRF App is rubbish when used on the iPhone (in my experience) and works a bit better on the iPad. Better still is the Deta Connect App which is a rebadged LWRF product. Try installing that before concluding your Link is at fault. Do you have the same problems with the Web Manager?

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