Reliability of LWRF relays

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    Any one got any ‘feel’ for LWRF reliability vs other home automation ( eg Z wave ) relays ?

    I use LWRF throughout the house, mainly switching side lights and other small wattage appliances. At the last count I had about 20-25 LW321 socket adapters.

    I had bought these over 2 years ago so out of warranty and, I just gathered together the sockets that had failed and was surprised to find it was 4 – so, say, 15% failure over 3-5 year period.

    I think this is too high.

    I also have about 4 821 relays – installed outside in IP66 boxes for the same period – no problems
    I have a 825 relay again in an IP66 enclosure – 2 failures in 5 years.
    Have some dimmer switches ( wall mounted masters ) – no problems

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