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     garym999 says:


    ThickO here, I cant seem to register my energy monitor to the LightwaveRF.

    I’m following the manual but without any user feedback on the LightwaveRF it is difficult to understand where I’m going wrong? I must add that I replaceing a exsisting energy monitor.

    This what I’m doing…

    1 Selecting the ENERGY MONITOR menu on the LightwaveRF
    2 Press and holding the lefthand SYNC button (no user feedback on the LCD)
    3 Press and holding the button on the energy monitor where the LED goes solid
    4 Release both button when the LED on the moniotr starts to flash
    5 The display on the LightwaveRF reverts to time and Kw but does not log anything.

    If I put the batteries on the original energy monitor the display starts updating again so it would appear that I’m unable to register the new unit?

    So then I do a full reset on the lightwaveRF using the LCD menu only to find that the oringnal unit is still registered.

     garym999 says:


    After more fiddling my LightwaveRF decied to update its firmware. This in turn has changed the energy monitor menu slightly in that it say press the install button the monitor to register. I do this an then get a S 00.00Kw display which then updates to S –.–Kw.

    With the new FW installed if I try and register the old unit the display returns blank.

    An then BINGO new monitor registered. Can not tell you how though?

     ant says:


    Energy monitors seem to be a bit of a law unto themselves…..mine was working fine for weeks and then suddenly disappeared, never to return!

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