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     SimonCatlin says:


    Lots of us are missing a truly "Random" function, such as turn on a light between 17:00 and 18:30, or off between 23:00 and 23:45.

    I worked out how to turn off something very early on, but turning on has only just dawned on me, and it was just a reverse of what was already known.
    You already know that the device is turned off, but by adding a Turn Off command as the first part/line in the sequence, it allows yourself the option to add a random timer/delay between steps.

    Turn ON a device between two times randomly.

    Seq 1:
    Room 1 : Lamp 1 : Turn OFF
    Room 1 : Lamp 1 : Turn ON (or you can set it to a specific level e.g. Room 1 : Lamp 1 : 100%)

    Edit the sequence and change the "random" time for the duration you want before turning on the Lamp, such as 1hr 30 mins or 15 mins etc.

    Timer 1:

    Sequence : Seq 1
    Start Time : 19:00
    Repeat : MTWTFSS
    Start Date : Today
    Until : Forever

    Effectively, you now have a Sequence/Timer that runs at 19:00 everyday, which turns the lamp OFF at exactly 19:00 and randomly turns ON the light randomly up to 20:30 or 19:15 if we use the examples listed above.

    Turn OFF is just the reverse.

    Seq 2:
    Room 1 : Lamp 1: Turn ON
    Room 1: Lamp 1: Turn OFF

    Again, edit the random timer to allow the amount of time for the amount of random time you would like, such as 1 hour.

    Sequence : Seq 2
    Start Time : 23:00
    Repeat : MTWTFSS
    Start Date : Today
    Until : Forever.

    So the light will now turn off between 23:00 and 23:59 randomly.
    Hope this helps?

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