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     AlexP says:



    I was wondering if anyone could help with the setting up of a rad valve.
    I’ve several issues

    1. I want to set the temprature to 15 but I can only get to 17.
    2. When you send a command from your iphone, how long does it take for the valve to turn off or on and is there any way you know it’s happened if you are not at home.
    3. In the middle of then night I can hear a buzz for a couple of seconds (several times in the night) from the valve, why ?
    4. I only want it to come on once but it’s asking me to programme the other off/on periods inc temp can I bypass these and if so how
    5. When sending commands via the network option I get a prompt to say I have requested to turn the valve off or on. When I’m going via my local network, I don’t get anything thus I don’t know if the valve has been activated or the command accepted
    6. When I want to control my rads via the iphone, after you have picked the room & rad, the ON tab is always showing red, which makes you wonder if you had switched it on when have supposed to have done a few hours ago (if this makes sense)
    7. Can I alter the setting of the rad remotely ?
    And I think thats about it.

    You may ask if it’s working at the moment, unfortunately I only started setting this up last night so I’m not sure. So any help anyone can offer would be very much appreciated.
    Thanks Alex

    I managed to pair up my room thermostat, to the valve, but then I could’nt alter the vale manually or via the wi-fi. The room thermostat just locked up…So whats the good in that

    I endind up changing the wi-fi controller and buying another valve to see if I could get this working, and no I did’nt manage it.

    I also realised that in the middle of this I was sending a signal from my iphone to turn off the valve remotely, (away from the house) and because I got a prompt to say the command has been sent and recieved, I felt safe in the fact it was working ok.
    But thats the other problem, it does not actually confirm it’s happened. So you could be left thinking all’s well, when indeed it’s not and your heating could be on full blast fr the two weeks you are on holiday, or away on that long weekened.

    My experiance is you have to have your witts about you, and it’s not a plug and play system (ok I know it never said it was), thats the point, don’t assume it is, so beware

    Well people say you get what you pay for and there’s no such thing as a bargin, pity I would have like this.

    Anyhow It ‘s now thankfully back on the B&Q’s shelf waiting for the next dope to buy it. Hope you have better luck than me if you decided to purchase.

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