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     iamamoose says:


    I bought a single switch to see how it looked and felt before kitting out the whole house, and it arrived this morning. First impressions were good, the stainless steel one I bought looked good and the buttons felt solid. Installation was a bit more tricky; we have shallow drywall backboxes and they are filled with quite a lot of wires (the loop comes down to each box, so for a single light switch there are 3 cables coming in and with neutrals joined via connecting blocks). With quite a deep dimmer module it was a struggle to get it all to fit in, so it would be mostly impossible for our double switches (4 cables and connecting blocks).

    First impressions, positive:
    = arrived next day
    = switch looks nice
    = has soft-on and soft-off
    = no screws visible
    = clear plastic surround nicely covers backbox lugs
    = silent (the intelliswitch it replaced buzzed)

    = large module makes it tight for space in our backboxes
    = takes quite a long time to fully dim/bright using switches (8 seconds)
    = max 250W (probably 180W halogen max)
    = would prefer a longer warranty

    = not sure if I like the LEDs

    Didn’t buy any RF remotes or wifi-link yet, need to spend a bit longer with the switches to see if we can live with them everywhere.

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     nuttygt4 says:


    Nice write up, Keep us informed, I’m still debating whether to change.

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