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     SadGamerGeek says:


    Me too – this is exactly what I’d like to do.

     psw1 says:


    This is an overview of how I made it work
    Wireless to infra red decoder:
    Normal infra red remotes use a pulse train modulated with 40KHz.
    To train your Harmony remote with the correct code you need to convert the original wireless code to infra red equvalent.
    This means capturing the wireless signal from your original remote, filling up all the pulses (in my case 0.5mS) with 40KHz and emitting them from a infra red emitter.
    I built a small box powered by a 9v battery; a 433.92 MHz receiver module (RS) and a PIC to fill the pulses with 40KHz – the output goes to an IR emitter. This ‘trained’ code can then be used as a buuton or in an activity on the Harmony – the sky’s the limit.

    Infra red to wireless converter:
    To broadcast the wireless signal (433.92MHz) to my remote control sockets I use one half of a Marmatek powermid XS infra red extender; I sit this small battery operated transmitter next to my tele and when I hit it with the right infra red code from my my Logitech Harmony it will switch the relevant wireless socket.

    p.s. Although this is on the Lightwave site, I have only used this on other remotes so far (eg. Maplin) but it should work on lightwave remotes.

     Calston says:


    I would be really interested in finding out a little more about this. Although never tried it I was working on the assumption that I could use a pair of Powermids to generate amd capture the IR codes – would this work?

    Would you be prepared to publish the IR codes that you have captured?

    Any information would be useful

     psw1 says:


    I have tried to use the Powermid to teach my remote control the codes but it did not work; I need to spend more time to find out why. I suspect it does not use the correct 40KHz modulation frequency the learning remote needs.

     Calston says:


    PSW1 – would you be prepared to share your IR code set with the community??

    It looks like there is interest in have IR control of the Lightwave product range but maybe not enough to convince the company to produce a suitable “box”

    I am trying to migrate away from using the x10 automation structure but really need the product to be IR (and wife) friendly

     RicWoodgate says:


    There has been plenty of work to decode the RF Lightwave protocol, so as previously noted, this should be easy to achieve. An Arduino works well (I have one running that takes in LWRF and controls my Conservatory Air Conditioner (a Yamaha unit). The challenge was to capture the IR protocol for the AirCon, which is much more complex than the TV remotes. I used a scope to capture the IR commands (using the excellent DSO Nano scope), but eventually found a full decode on the web, so simply coded that up.

    I think an RF control approach is much better than IR, simply because you don’t need to point it at the receiver. I’ve started using Sky’s excellent iPhone and iPad apps to interact with the Sky box – hardly need the remote now.

     Calston says:


    I agree that RF has core advantages over the use of IR, line of sight being the main one, however I would bet the 100% of households have IR remotes in some shape or form and few have RF control. Also there are loads of learning IR remotes and no learning RF remotes

    Currently I have a Samsung tv which support IP but no on/off function (IR required) a Yamaha AV amp which has IP control and a Sky box which has its own app. This leaves me with the requirement for a tool that does IR, IP and intergrates them to a level that all users can understand

    I currently use a mixture of Philips ProntoPro IR remotes and an iOS and Android application iRule which combines IR and IP control. My problem is that I need to take into account the kids and the wife and make the whole system as robust as possible. I have found over the years the IR still remains very reliable and not subject to network problems and constant router reboots.

    I was hoping that if someone had cracked the IR control via simple Powermids, as PSW1 has done, that this could resolve my intergration problems and open me up to a full transfer from X10 automation to the LightwaveRF range

     Dannecus says:


    Lots of great advice here about DIY solutions, but I just wanted to add another vote to the original request for a LightwaveRF to IR converter. I’m another Logitech user for my home cinema and used to use IR dimmers. I want to convert them all to RF. So if there is a new product, can guarantee at least one more sale and a matching dimmer.

     HamsterFangs says:


    Ditto for IR/RF

     mustard says:


    This was a deal breaker for me. I wanted one physical remote that could control everything. I would have preferred to go with the LIghtwaveRF system, but the lack of IR bridge meant I was forced to purchase older X10 automation equipment instead.

     Ben says:


    I’d be keen to see lightwaverf to ir. So I could use the lightwaverf iphone app to send programable ir signals to turn the tv on etc from a little ir sender. I guess the reverse of previous threads.

     psw1 says:


    Great idea this lightwaverf to ir. I’m about to get my first lightwaverf plugin’s, if the range is better than the budget stuff I’ve got now, I’ll get the wi fi box as well . I’m a middle age man with electronics background that likes to dabble with this sort of thing and I will look into making or adapting a box to do this. The iphone app would need to be modified and customised (with learning) to incorporate buttons for tv, dvd and stuff. This way you could use your iphone/ipod to control everything using wifi – convert to 433Mhz rf (using the lightwaverf wi fi box) and then to infra red. Watch this space.
    I’ve (see above) made a box to convert ir to 433Mhz and now using it to control my cheep rf plugins from my ir Harmony remote (and using it within macros).

     markk says:


    I’m interested in this. I have two air conditioning units which work with IR remotes. If I could turn these on/off remotely and set temperatures or use Domoticz to do so automatically if temperature gets to x I’d be over the moon

    Running RFXCom with Domoticz on raspberry pi3. LWRF dimmer switches, PIRs and plug sockets. Some Homeeasy switches, harmony hub controlling AV and air con. Geofencing with Pilot app. Tado for heating and cooling.
     Dave says:


    I don’t think you are using Zwave but now might be the time :-)


    LWRF, RFXCom on RPi, Domoticz, Heatmiser, Micasaverde Vera Lite and AlertMe all running in harmony(ish).
     geoffpreston says:


    Yep, count me in too. I actually have something similar which converts iPhone signals to IR enabling me to control my AV kit from my iPhone. The idea of working the other way seems attractive.

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