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     crooksee says:



    I am looking for some advice for people who have used the relays and outside products. I have a pond with a pump, filter and pond lights linked up to an outside junction box. The pump and filter are always on and I turn on and off using a timer and a Lightwaverf plug inside (extension going to junction box). So when I want to turn on the pond lights I have to turn on manually. I want to connect two outside lights near the pond and could connect as the same way as the pond lights but I don’t want to be turning on manually. Is there a way to connect the lights through a relay to the junction box and turn on using the app? Any advice is appreciated

     greyowl says:



    Can’t quite visualize your system but if its any use, I use LWRF INLINE RELAY 500W JSJSLW821 and the three channel version JSJSLW825 to control lights, waterfall and water features in the garden. The main filter pump is on the same spur from the house but always on except winter.

    This is only my own experience but I haven’t had any problems with the single channel relays but have replaced the three channel one twice – expensive. All relays etc are fitted in appropriate IP66 enclosures. If I were to do it again with LWRF, I would just use the single channel relays. In fact, if I were doing this from scratch, I would hard wire the whole system. If I had to use RF then it would be Z wave.

    I used to use them using a remote but, because of the pond which the RF signal didn’t like, there was one particular relay that you had to get close to to activate. Partly got round this using a repeater.

    If you are using an app then the Link unit might have better signal strength.

    I am now controlling the system using VERA/RFX which is pretty stable.

    Good luck


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