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     Dogzy says:


    Apologies if this is the 1000th post like this.
    Would you kind people please help answer some queries please.
    1 do wirefree switches connect to a St hub or similar.
    2 does the dimming function from wireless switches work through st hub if q1 applies .
    3 or does anybody know a solution to rf control standard switches to keep it simple so that a chimp can operate it? I.e my kids.

    My plan is to use lwrf switches to control smart gu10 and es lamps on/off via a st/LW hub or similar then a!exa to control moods via St hub as I’m a nerd!
    I understand the lamps would need a permanent supply to achieve this I’m a spark by trade so I’m savvy In that respect. I’m just new to the whole Connected Homes malarkey.

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