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     daneboomer says:



    I think I’ve found what I’m looking for, but I’ve just joined up to check I’m not missing something obvious.

    Basically in our new house that we’ve just moved into, there are light switches in slightly odd places.

    The main thing I suppose is the lack of light switch by the bed in the master bedroom for that room. You have to get out of bed then walk back to the bed (in the dark) to control the lights. That light switch is a two way two gang.

    Firstly, I suppose, is LightwaveRF the most appropriate platform to enable me to install a switch by the bed to control the lights?
    Secondly, if it is, can someone please advise what the most cost effective method of doing this would be? Thank you!

     btidey says:


    You can almost certainly do this with LightwaveRF. The only question I have is that you say the switch is 2 way 2 gang.

    If you replace this with say a LW420 then you need to think what is the other part of the 2 way. They must also be Lightwave units. You can’t mix Lightwave and conventional switches in 2 way master / slave arrangements.

    If the switch is changed to a Lightwave unit then you have multiple control options.
    1) Switch it as normal
    2) Operate it from a hand held remote
    3) Wall mount a wireless switch near the bed. Battery operated so no wiring needed.
    4) Operate via a Lightwave link box from phone or Alexa voice activated. This would only be sensible if you were planning to put more Lightwave kit around the house.

    There are other methods you may want to consider if you are just doing one unit. So if it was just a single lightbulb you could potentially change tha to a remote controlled bulb.

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