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     bugss says:


    At long last I received 3 new TRV’s, Home Stat and Boiler switch a few days ago.

    Firstly the TRV’s are quite large but look OK and fitted well to my radiator, I had to use the clamp.
    The TRV’s calibrated themselves correctly. They are a little noisy though, but in normal operation I guess they will only move a little at a time.

    I had a lot of problems linking the TRV’s to the wifi link & App. The first TRV took 4 attempts. Each time it failed to link the TRV would reset itself (flash all 3 LED’s) and then re calibrate itself. The second TRV took 6 attempts and then somehow linked twice and appears in the app twice.
    The third TRV will not link at all to the app.

    During this process the other lightwave RF products in the house went strange. Lights would dim or go on / off.
    The app would no longer link to the wifi link. I reset wifi link and had to re register the apps. Then the app upgraded to a new version.
    I am now on App 1.7.7 Build 110 Wifi Link U2.90N

    I am in a strange position where the heating section of the App has no Edit button. You can therefore not remove any devices from heating.
    I also made a spelling mistake and cannot correct it.

    The TRV’s are reporting mad temps, the same room is 23 deg and 28 deg from 2 TRV’s.

    I have 3 radiators in the lounge and wanted to link all r as 1 zone. The TRV manual suggests you can do this either by linking them to a room stat, home stat or in the App. I want to do this in the App but can see no way of doing this.

    I’m a bit disappointed that since I and the rest of you have been told that these have been in test now for well over a year that they don’t work in the most basic of ways.

    I have raised a ticket and am waiting for a response.

    I’m an Industrial Automation Engineer with Schneider-Electric and have never seen such poor release of a product in all my career.

    Any constructive comments & advise would be welcome.
    (PS please don’t respond with opinions, speculation and hersay. I’m after real confirmed support)

     Paddchas says:



    You need to get upgraded from 2.9N to 2.9U to make the linking issues go away

    In the android app, select the TRV then press the bottom left button on your device next to the home button, here you can rename and delete

    You link trv’s together by pairing with one using the app, and then pairing a second to the first but not the app. But it seems that this limit in the ‘daisy chain’ is 2

     bugss says:



    Thanks for your comments.
    I can see the edit / delete option now. God knows why they did this tab differently than the others. Dimmers and sockets are edited from the Edit button. They could at least document it properly.

    How do I upgrade wifi link to 2.90U?? Do I have to wait on Lightwave doing it?

    Certainly having a max of 2 TRV’s in a chain is very limiting. Will have to use a room stat I guess.

    Let the struggle continue

    Cheers again.

     Paddchas says:


    Yes you will prob need to chase the ticket through with Megaman , or just wait for it to be updated

    I only have 1 TRV so haven’t tested the limit. But someone else stated on here this morning that the limit is 2. I was assuming that limit would apply regardless of whether using app or stat pairing

     rhlangdon says:


    Two TRVs arrived this morning. I ordered a lot more plus the boiler switch and thermostat last February and no mention of when they might be delivered – have raised it with them.

    However, after all this time I find that the TRV replacement control heads do not fit. I raised this issue with the earlier version some 18 months ago but with the new ones I was assured they would fit having been a copy of the radiator valve compatibility sheet. Most, not all, of my valves are Myson TRVs. The compatibility sheet indicates the LWRF TRVs are compatible. They are not. The raw TRV does not fit the valve as the bit that screws on is two small. The extension pieces (A & B) supplied are too small and one presumably is meant for a Danfoss type valve.

    Am obviously not happy having waited two years for these, paying for them 7 months ago, being assured they would fit and now find they do not. My solution has to be to replace the actual vales. Who is going to pay for the extra cost of a complete drain down of my heating system, replacement of the actual valves with something that the LWRF TRVS will fit?!!!

    Also the box for the TRV indicates they can be part of a zoned system, that does not seem to be born out by other’s experience here. The manual that came with the TRVs also is quite clear that there can be individual zoning/room control. That implies that if only one room wants heat then it gets it. Quite different to the experience of Paddchas and others!


     rhlangdon says:


    I have fitted the two TRVs that arrived as in one room only we have two radiators with Danfoss type TRVs. I have at present a very basic set up. LWRF forgot to send most of my order so only two TRVs. I am therefore still relying on my Heatmiser stat to control overall temperature and switch boiler on and off.

    Two observations:

    1. They are bloody noisy when they operate and am sure the lady of the manor is going to complain like hell when she hears them operating.

    2. They send a temperature readout back to the iPad but its different to the thermostat. As I type this the TRV is sending a signal saying the temperature is 19.7 but the stat in the room says its 21.5. I thought this might be because of some allowance for the fact the TRV is next to the radiator but no, if I put the stat next to the TRV I get the same difference in reading.

    …but the noise of the things! Wonder if they get quieter?

     Paddchas says:



    I have myson trv’s and was able to replace with the LWRF trvs. I thought the fitting on the TRV was too small and the TRV kind of rocked over the valve but wouldn’t sit properly – but found that I was able to screw the valve on anyway, and once i had it worked fine.

    Regards zoning – the system does allow zoning in the sense that you can control radiators per zone, I.e. Open and close the valve remotely based on sensed temp and schedules. It just doesn’t allow for an automated call for heat to the boiler – there is no interlock. So it depends on what your ‘zoning’ definition is in that sense.

    They are noisy I agree. My assumption is that in working practice they only move a little bit at a time tho, rather than the full length like during calibration.

    I have also noticed they are out in terms of accuracy by maybe 1 degree

    I haven’t been able to properly test, a. Because it’s not cold enough yet, and b. Because the trv’s don’t hold the target temp,you send from the app. The latter is a bug that I and others have raised a ticket for, but not update yet

     skiv71 says:


    The StellaZ TRV’s are nice an quiet :P

    developer of BMS Link ( A cloud based Home Automation platform for LightwaveRF, Z-Wave, RFXCOM.
     Chris says:

    Key Master

    To everyone having problems getting the actuators to fit their TRV’s – take a look here

    They are probably for german brands, but worth having a look to see if you can find anything to fit.

    Chris Mills Founder and Editor - LightwaveRF Community
     rhlangdon says:


    Thanks Paddchas. I will try again when the next order arrives. I was reluctant to try to force the adaptor on in case it broke but it does seem too small to fit and the “raw” valve certainly will not screw on to the existing piece.

    The two supplied are working as had two radiators with Danfoss type fittings. Have one paired to the other and the “master” paired to app. I was out last night, when I got back my wife really grumbled about the noise they make, it is quite intrusive.

    As said the literature that came with them is clear individual rooms can be zoned which individual TRVs call for heat not dependent on some always on control. Not true from what we read here. This is misdescription of some magnitude if correct.

    Complete silence from the SmartShop about why they have not delivered the full order. Might ring them to find out.

    Am beginning to think I may be better off getting my money back, paying the extra and going the Evohome route. Not fully decided yet but am getting more unhappy by the day!

     rhlangdon says:


    Thanks Chris. Certainly a wide selection. Not sure whether there is one there to suit my valves.

    My valves are 17 years old, not sure if these things wear or not but it may be not so bad an idea to replace them anyway. Am still considering Honeywell now though. It will cost me about £350 more but unlike what we now read about the LWRF system it does what is wanted.

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