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     casper_ac says:


    Good Afternoon All,

    Just refurbishing my living room and hallway at the moment and lighting control is the next step.

    I’m trying to (eventually) “smarten” things up.

    Question one, are we reasonably confident lightwave isnt going to a/ cease trading, ive seen a lot of dicontinued stock in Maplin online etc.

    b/any new product releases planned in coming months? I got stung with my NEST, and the 3rd gen coming out about 1 month after id installed mine!

    But some advice on products etc wold be really good.

    The house will be at some point completely LED, at the moment i still have a few CFLs as ive held off buying until lightwave is purchased etc

    Any recommendations on LED bulbs that will work with the 400 series switches?

    Are there more than one version of the Wifi link, and if so which is best for future compatibility going forward

    Any experience linking Amazon’s alexa with Lighwave via IFTTT, or issues with IFTTT in general?

    Sorry for so many questions, and some of these may well have been asked already, but my search function is being a bit weird at the moment!

    Thank you!

     clarksn says:


    Re confidence in lightwave, they are a bit of a strange company as they don’t talk a lot themselves (strange for a tech company as really they ought to be running a forum like this not the community and have engineers on giving hard and fast answers to questions. their share price has been in the doldrums for ever and a day now. They also were a leader and are now a plodder. The lighting products have always looked good and worked pretty well (We have truckloads in our house and guest house). The heating products were too little to late and are rubbish by comparison with stuff like Honeywell evohome.

    There was a fair bit of discountinued 200 series floating around a while back but if there is 400series it may be simply Maplin is stopping doing it – to be honest now most of Maplin shops is aimed at less techie people than in the old days it may be it is not selling simply because you don’t buy it and use it which 2/3 of their shops seem dedicated to now.

    I use Phillips dimmable LEDS (MR16 and GU10s which are/were expensive but have been very good – had to change a handful of old halogen transformers but have over 100 bulbs in total – also all our external lighting circuits are now on 3000W relays rather than old electromechanical timers.

    Not sure of the current status of the Wifi link but I think there is a newer one than the one I have – I guess neweer is likely to be better but read the specs and compare.

    Dabbled with IFTTT but actually not really needed any of the functionality so far.

    Hopefully other readers can add to bits I have glossed over.

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