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     Chris says:

    Key Master

    It’s been a while since I launched this site and it has been popular. So much so that I’ve been loath to update the underlying software for fear of breaking the site completely (not helped by the theme I used being incompatible with later versions of the software and the developers of the theme not being interested in supporting their user base!).

    Anyway, I’ve waited long enough and the time has come that I have to do something so I’ve thrown up a new site design and am now in the latter stages of development and early stages of testing.

    I’d appreciate some feedback and testing if anyone is willing to help. All you need to do is visit and then come back HERE and post your constructive feedback. I’d be particularly interested in how the site performs on mobile and tablet platforms as well as big powerful desktops.

    The forum is using an old version of the database so please don’t be tempted to post anything new or comment on any old posts – your comments will be trashed next time I overwrite the database.

    I am going to use this as a platform for developing some new features in the not too distant future including better social networking, a classified ads section and a rework of the price comparison to bring it up to date. If you have any other ideas, I can’t promise anything, but I’d love to hear them.

    Keep the posts coming

    Chris Mills Founder and Editor - LightwaveRF Community
     bellissimo says:


    Chris, the first main usability issue I noticed on the new forum is that there is no obvious way to quickly skip to the last page of the discussion. You have to open the first page, then scroll down to the bottom to navigate to the last.

     camel says:


    When using the new forum, everything appears to be squashed off centred to the left with a lot of unused space on the right rather than using the available width in the browser, even if I zoom in there is still a large amount of unused whitespace on the righthand side, however it works better when browsing on an iPhone 6 where it fills the whole available width

     Pacman52 says:


    Apologies for posting this here but as my problem is I can’t seem to find where to post a new thread I’d thought I’d ask on this one !! if that makes sense !!

     Javahart says:


    Too much space on the right for adverts. Puts me off.
    Design is good, looks fresh.

    my rig: Dimmers on porch, hallway, study, kitchen, master bedroom & landing. Sockets in TV room.
     Carlosd says:


    looks ok but I think there should be a dedicated part of the forum just for heating installation and help

    Double sockets light switches energy monitor heating stat and boiler switch
     Pauladrogers13 says:


    I’m using an iPad 3 and I find the left and right edges very tight to the screen, so have to do very accurate touches to get the options nearest to the screen edges. The search option needs to be looked at, when I pressed it, the entering section became very large and the flashing curser was very long (hope that makes sense). The adverts take up 1/3 of the screen which in my opinion is way too large

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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