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     TractorTed says:


    I should think a few readers of this forum have had their eyes on the Nest smart thermostat – so far as I know it still hasn’t made it to the UK yet…
    And I’ve just read about the new LWRF heating controls hopefully on their way, which should do the job for me.
    Anyway – Nest have announced Heat & CO2 detectors:
    A bit spendy for a detector at around £100, but considering they have a few added ‘smart’ features, and interlinking, they could be of interest?

     SimonCatlin says:


    Nest is coming…

    2 WiFi, 2 sockets, 11 light switches (7 single, 4 double), 2 mood controllers, 1 double wire free switch, 6 plug in on/off, 3 plug in dimmer, 2 PIR, 2 LED, 1 300W Inline relay, 2 signal booster, 1 Energy Monitor and 1 very patient wife. Also Heatmiser's Neo, Ring Bell, Ring Camera, Nest Protect, Canary...
     cndawes says:


    But when … sounds as elusive as LWRF was ;)

    At least we all know its a hard nut to crack now too …

     TimAshton says:


    TractorTed / Simon,

    Did you ever get to the bottom of this? Nest smoke/CO alarms now available from B&Q etc. Has anyone tried linking into the same network as LWRF / RFXCOM and using to trigger alerts, etc?


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