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     daz003 says:


    Hi all, been using the new IOS app version of lightwaverf and been getting the following issues:

    1. It keeps randomly logging out of the app and not remain logged in and I have to re- login to the app to use it which is particularly irritating.

    2. There’s a bug in the app switching between landscape and portrait mode, once it’s stuck it doesn’t show the app in portrait mode at all, the only way to fix it is close the app totally and login again / or / I found if I click on Energy and then go back to Rooms it seems to fix itself.

    3. Since this version – it’s very difficult to know when an instruction has been successfully sent. You end up clicking the switch on or switch off more times than necessary. The previous version didn’t suffer from this.

    All these have been reported to Lightwaverf Support – awaiting reply.

    Anyone else getting these issues and any thing else?


     Antyronnen says:

     Bazman says:


    The random logging out is doing my head in. I’m also finding that sometimes the app won’t send any commands until I log out and log in again, so just turning a light on turns into a major hassle. This is something that worked fine in the older versions.

     Steampower says:


    I have just ‘Upgraded all the radiator TRVs to accept the LWRV Radiator Controls heads. everything wasn’t too bad until the latest App update. The house is (yes) coal fired back boiler, pump and with seven radiators 1) I can no longer set the times to the nearest 5 minutes only 15 minute intervals 2) I have have to keep resetting the link, power cycling it, and or the valve(s) to get them to update. 3) The web page control is at odds with the App on the Ipad the value do not match. 4) If I try to use the web site I get command failed. 5) the web site controls seem highly reluctant to display any information about the setback time periods or any other useful information. 6) The ‘videos ‘ explain nothing about how to use the controls its all you can do this at the touch of the button but nothing which tells you how to set it up in the first place. There as far as I can tell no step by step instructions. The search on the web site Knowledge base leaves a me with a feeling of despair, phrases are used without explanation, what are ‘set positions’? IN Simple easy to understand words!
    So I have a system I can not control it does not update is it 1) the IPad app 2) the Link box or 3) LWRV web server and winter is fast approaching. The concept of having area in the house that I can heat when required and only when required a set intervals of my choice is what is required. not to have to spend hours of the day fighting with electronic kit.

    Oh and by the way I am an IT consultant, given to resolving complex problems like 25 years of it…..

     Antyronnen says:


    Follow the link given in my earlier post #24472 (above)

    There is advice there on how to download the earlier version of the iOS App or to use the Deta app which is the earlier LWRF App version but rebadged.

    Not a perfect solution but if it works (and it has for many) it will get you back to where you were before the recent Up(down)grade.

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