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     RensterUK says:


    Hi All,

    We have been using Lightwave kit for a couple of years now, and generally no complaints. However, since the launch of the new look app (which I do think is more more intuitive) – things aren’t working so well.

    From the web UI on our laptop, everything fails – we can’t control any switches or lights. Likewise the android app on my wife’s S7 Edge. My S6 can control some devices, but not all, and via Alexa, again nothing works.

    I’ve tried disabling the Lightwave skill and re-enabling, and it finds all devices – but cannot control them.

    Now I say it’s an issue with the app… one other possibility is the fact that we’ve also just upgraded our Sky package, and now have a Sky Q Hub…. but I don’t see how that would be an issue (Lightwave hub is connected to Sky hub via wired connection)



     btidey says:


    Does sound like a link router issue to me.

    Web app not working and Alexa not working would indicate that commands are not getting from Lightwaverf cloud through to your link. The app has nothing to do with that.

    If the S7 app is not controlling everything then maybe all from there is going through cloud and that is why it doesn’t work at all.

    If S6 app is working then it may be sending to link locally but I can’t explain why only some devices work.

    The new app doesn’t seem to make the local / remote operation obvious any more or how to set the local network.

    Nevertheless I would concentrate on link router piece. Is it an older link with LCD display? They are much easier to see if the network connection is working with a server status in LCD display.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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