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     BiffoBear says:


    I’m selling my Home Thermostat and Boiler Switch on eBay.

    ebay item no. 251856400235

     bellissimo says:


    I may be interested, but why are you selling them?

     miken says:


    Hi Biffo,

    I made the first rejected offer on eBay, but let me try again here.
    First some background.

    Most weeks there’s a guy, steve***** in Norwich, who sells these new and they go from about £40 to £50 per item, so £80-£100 per “kit”
    Even LightUp UK have this for £115 new.
    Second hand I’d always expect to pay at least 20% less (my own personal figure based on VAT, but each to their own)
    That puts his new ones in the ballpark I’d pay (I’ve missed out three times now!)

    All a rather long winded way to say I’d offer £85 direct through this forum.
    That’s not a million miles away from the eBay price you’d get after commission.

    Quite understand if you want to hold out for more, but thought I’d offer.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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