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     Pacman52 says:


    Hi all,

    I have just purchased a LWRF Extender and have it set up and working (I Think!) I needed this so that I can control my lights and sockets in my office which is at the bottom of the garden (Approx 8-10 meters from the wifi link box).

    I am having issues now trying to pair the sockets to my phone I select ‘connect’ for the particular socket on my phone and then put the socket in pairing mode but nothing happens.

    In case it may of been a faulty socket I tested pairing another socket but again this didn’t work either.

    I have moved the extender into the office with me and still it doesn’t work

    Am I missing something obvious here – how can I pair these sockets to the system?

    Many thanks for any advice offered

     Carl Goss says:

    Carl Goss

    I’m getting the Lightwaverf blues like many. I am quite stunned at the lack of range of the main Link unit and I found the extender needed several attempts at pairing. Pressing the learn button doesn’t always set the unit into learn mode.. and for goodness sake don’t reattach the weather proof cover until you’ve got it all working (Taking 8 screws out ten times over makes you very cross indeed). I also needed to clear the memory several times as it seems soon clogged with multiple attempts at learning a command to pass on (maximum 6 which seems really paltry). Once you ‘eventually’ have it working with your app, then begins the trial of getting it to operate your device using Timers via the Link unit.. a challenge which I have failed to get to work .. and can’t find a solution for. The app says my timers set up and saved correctly, but come the appointed time nothing happens. There doesn’t appear to be anyway to see if the commands are being received from the server or sent out by the Link. The IOS app needs rebuilding from ground up, but with the apparent lack of interaction from the company in spaces such as this forum doesn’t fill me with much hope. My investment so far has been a couple of hundred pounds, and I’m certainly going no further until I can get some basic reliability with my one device!

     Antyronnen says:


    Experience over several years with the Link (old model with small screen) and the extender is that the exact position can be critical rather than distance. It took a lot of trial and error to find a spot where the extender would work and moving it closer to the Link did not necessarily improve matters. Sometimes just changing the postion of a plug-in adapter from one side of a twin 13amp socket to the other is enough (sometimes it isn’t) and I discovered that a wood and paper screen (used as a room divider) effectively blocked the signal from the Link. On the other hand a thick stone wall appears to be no obstacle!
    Like a recent poster on this forum has said the ability to add another Link would be a welcome solution to this type of issue. I recall that the old version of the app appeared to make provision for this but whether the hardware and the current App would work I have no idea.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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