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     madlou says:


    Hi purchased a second hand LW920 and thermostat. It took a while to get working yesterday, but eventually it was working perfectly. I had my phone app sync’ed to the thermostat and I could control everything perfectly.

    This setup worked fine for about 12 hours; turning on and off when it should.

    Being the curious person I am, I wondered if I could pair the app with the LW920, so went through the link process – it paired fine. The switched turned on though, after the pairing – so I turned it off on the unit. All the lights then went out – where it should have the ‘off’ light on. The unit is now unresponsive.

    I have checked the connections on the back and they are fine.

    Have I bricked my LW920?

     Orty says:


    I had a similar experience today.
    I needed to power down my perfectly working system in order to fit a frost stat to my boiler.
    On power up the boiler switch refused to stay on and kept dropping out.
    I tried to re pair the switch with the thermostat but it won’t enter the pairing mode.
    Spoke to technical and they said the unit is now faulty and needs replacing.
    A common problem after powering down a boiler switch they say!
    An expensive way of fitting a frost stat…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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