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     Waggers says:


    I have a LW821 In-line relay controlling my garage door.

    It was originally controlled by a basic hand-held remote control and the Lightwaverf app via a Gen1 Link. It’s been working happily for about 18 months.

    Recently, however, the relay no longer responds to the app (the handheld remote is fine). The relay will re-pair to the app but the open/close/stop commands don’t seem to be getting through.

    Does any kind soul have any troubleshooting ideas I can try?

    As mentioned, I’ve successfully re-paired the relay and I’ve tried moving the link closer to the relay (about 4 meters but with two brick walls between them).


     Waggers says:


    I should also point out that the Gen 1 link is controlling 6 dimmer switches and 4 plug-in on/off units without problems.

     Bry382 says:


    Not something I’ve ever experienced. I’m also on Gen 1 and have a number of relays controlling outside lights, curtains etc. Not had any major issues and been working fine for years (touch wood!) apart from 1 which is furthest from the link (controlling some outside lights) and on occasion it wont switch (despite a signal booster). Its quite random – but not too inconvenient when it doesnt work- just use the switch instead.

    Id suggest trying a new relay and see if that helps. A re-boot of the link is also my first response to any hiccup

    Sorry i cant help more

    BTW I did read somewhere not to use LWRF for anything security related, due to apparent ease in replicating the remote signal. Dont know how true that is.

     Waggers says:


    Reluctantly, I had to give up on the LightwaveRF relay. I had two problems that I couldn’t overcome:
    1. As mentioned above, the app just wouldn’t talk to the relay.
    2. The physical switch on my garage door is a press button. I really needed a relay that would send a pulse.

    I set up an event that would send an ‘on’ command, wait for 3 seconds before sending a ‘stop’ command. 4 times out of 10, the ‘stop’ command wasn’t acted upon.

    My solution was to swap out the LightwaveRF relay with a Sonoff 4ch Pro R2 box costing £21. This can be set up in inching mode (sending an ‘on’ command for 1 second). I connected one of its four relays to the garage doors open circuit and another to the close circuit. It also has the advantage of being compatible with Alexa, Google Home and any 433MHZ EV1527 switch or fob.

    There is a downside with this unit though…… Only one 433mhz switch/fob can be paired with each relay meaning that you can’t have two, or more, key fobs controlling the unit. My workaround was to wire the on/off commands in parallel (two relays ‘open’ and two ‘close’ and program one fob to one pair of relays and another fob to the remaining relays.

    After two weeks, everything is working fine. I use Alexa to operate the garage door from the house and Google Home (from my smartphone) to operate the door from the car. I have also paired a wireless RF switch in the house and a keyfob for the car.

    I take Bry382′s point about the security but, in my case, apart from the car, the garage is empty, and I figure that the security is as good as if I’d left the car on the street. Webcams also help with the security aspect.

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