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     michaelsage says:


    I have several lightwave devices around my house and I wish to change a light switch, it is for a small room and will be paired with a sensor. I am not fused about having a used switch. I have seen an LW200 switch and it is reasonably cheap. I can’t find much information around the LW200 switch I believe it is one of the siemens branded LW switches.

    Are they any good or would I be better off buying an LW400 series switch?



     btidey says:


    LW200 are basically functionally the same as LW400. They are an earlier design. They were sold under the LightwaveRF brand as well.

    Differences in the LW400 are adjustments for min / max dim range and ‘better’ LED compatibility.

    LW200 have a soft (ramped) on/off which got lost in the LW400 redesign.

    I have both LW400 and LW200 operating exclusively on LEDs fine, but you may have to be a bit more careful with bulb selection with the LW200.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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