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     Bry382 says:


    Not been on here for a while (all is OK in my LW world) but looked in here today to find loads of spam messages along with some older posts saying new people cannot join

    Sadly it looks like this forum is no longer being managed as it used to be

    Sad if that’s the case -its been very useful over the years. Pity Lightwave don’t take it over.

     h3mp says:


    I don’t really feel like posting anything on here at the moment as i just worry messages will be missed amongst the sea of spam :-(

     Lee says:


    I have tried to ask Chris several times to offer to take over management and update of this forum, and give it a big overhaul, but I don’t ever seem to get any response anymore.

    We did speak about a staging forum to perform updates and styling changes on ready to update the main forum, but that seems to have slipped too.

    I still am trying to get in touch with Chris to see if I can somehow take this over if he’s unable to do so. At the very least, I would like to get rid of the spam, update the forum software, and get an SSL certificate set up to make it secure.

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     marky_uk says:


    Same, me and my team could take over supporting this and installing spam controls and so on.

    How do we get in touch? There’s no other LW community and it’s gone to ruin.

    Someone PM me or message here how to get in touch and I’ll sort

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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