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     adambarnett52 says:


    Hi All

    I have installed some of the dimmer switches ( single gang) and they are working fine, there is one that i would like to lock off so you cannot use the switch itself to turn if on.
    i tired using the app and choosing lock or full lock but both don’t seem to have the desired effect


     Jules says:


    Hi Adam,

    You can’t lock a dimmer switch so that it doesn’t come on, it’s designed that way so that in an emergency (e.g. fire) you can always turn the light on by it’s physical wall switch.

    If you lock the switch off or full lock it, it will come on for a short period when you press the on button, but it will then turn itself off. That cycle will happen every time you press the on button until you unlock it, and then it will behave as a normal again.

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